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A New Reality

Despite general expectations, Muslims in Switzerland have long been represented in all social strata and in all conceivable professions. They include doctors, administrators, painters, insurance experts, bio-analysts, judges, teachers, parliamentarians, software developers, CEOs and many more. As such, we Muslims are willing and obliged to actively shape the future of both Switzerland and the Muslim community.

Nevertheless, it is evident that the Muslim community in Switzerland lacks a platform for professional networking & development. This is where the Association of Muslim Profession (hereafter “AMP”) steps in. The AMP intends to foster the existing economic potential of Muslims in Switzerland through seminars, targeted coaching and networking events.

At this point it should also be stressed that the MBV does not focus on theological discourses. Religious orientation is the responsibility of the individual. Without a doubt, however, the members of the MBV should at least orient themselves to the basic principles of Islam.


To foster the potential of Muslim professionals in Switzerland!

Contact us.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have and would be delighted to receive your feedback and suggestions.

Applications for membership can be submitted directly using a separate form.

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